Here we will start our business in re-selling all secured and refurbished materials.
Destroyed hard drives and damaged parts will be exchanged. The Life expectancy of electronic material is about 3 years. Our customers are based both nationally and internationally. Internationally, we currently see the largest growth in the European

Our experience shows that sometimes this method is a more profitable and necessary strategy for valueless e-materials. Tech Mart Redeployment Services is an easy, cost-saving solution for complicated IT redeployments. We offer complete redeployment solutions, including: " Audit all the equipment to be redeployed " Storage of equipment until redeployment By combining our recycling and remarketing services with redeployment assistance, clients can manage scrap assets, surplus equipment, and reusable electronics in a single step.


As computer use grows in the home and work, so too does their threat for security breaches. From credit card and personal information, to client lists and accounting records, the type of information computers house makes them treasure chests for con artists and competitors. Simply deleting files may not remove all data. Neither does reformatting. To properly remove all traces of information requires a software program that adequately rewrites over the entire drive in several successive swipes eliminating the recovery of "shadow" data. Tech Mart can scrub clean drives for any environment including personal, government, medical and financial.



Employee sales are fast becoming an attractive means to liquidating surplus or obsolete electronics. By out-sourcing with Tech Mart, your employees are given an opportunity to purchase discounted equipment while you liquidate surplus assets and save IT resources.

Here we recover parts from inoperative units reducing waist and recycling expenses. In addition, this process extents the working life of other electronic materials. Recover value from used equipment. Value gained from the sale of the used equipment will be returned to you.

Recycle used equipment that has no resale value. (Note: In general, used computer equipment over three years old has little or no resale value.)



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