Here we will start our business in re-selling the materials.
We sell to private, public, end users, and nonprofit. Also, we do direct B to B sales in addition to online and onsite sale.

Our experience shows that sometimes this method is a more profitable and necessary strategy for valueless e-materials. Tech Mart Redeployment Services is an easy, cost-saving solution for complicated IT redeployment. We offer complete redeployment solutions, including: " Audit all the equipment to be redeployed " Storage of equipment until redeployment By combining our recycling and remarketing services with redeployment assistance, clients can manage scrap assets, surplus equipment, and reusable electronics in a single step.


Large Volume Parts
Hard to find parts especially in large volume involves large amounts of time and trained salesmen. Some parts are so expensive that it makes economic sense to send them back to the secondary market. By doing such, we insure sustainability and better use of materials for years to come. Imagine such positive impact on the environment and natural resources.


Employees Sales
Employee sales are fast becoming an attractive means to liquidating surplus or obsolete electronics. By out-sourcing with Tech Mart, your employees are given an opportunity to purchase discounted equipment while you liquidate surplus assets and save IT resources.
Computer Parts
Either onsite or online sale. Price and quantity are provided open request.



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