We make it our business to mange your retired computers, laptops, servers, and all computer related items. We make it our business to manage your retired computer equipment to reduce your disposal cost of such by 100%.

In addition, we develop customized computer disposal plans for companies that need to replace existing technology. Our services reduce legal and most of all the environmental risks associated with the disposal of such material. We mitigate the environmental risks associated with electronic waste at no cost for you. We guarantee that all retired computing assets will NOT enter the secondary markets with software or confidential customer or corporate information. We will dispose your old computer equipment in accordance with EPA guidelines.

We conduct quarterly feedback discussion rounds. Here we would like to discuss our ongoing cooperation in order to continuously improve our relationship with you. Our goal is to increase both organizations’ profitability. Our management consulting team will ensure the best business practices possible and if you like, suggest ideas and concepts to increase overall business profitability using our services in the long term.

All electronic salvage is regulated at the federal level by the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA), under which materials are exempt from classification as “hazardous” if they are reused or recycled. USA State regulatory is more stringent, particularly for leaded glass monitors (CRT). Companies must nowadays sometimes prove that their end-of-life electronics were recycled responsibly, hence meeting state and federal regulations. We guarantee that all requirements are met to federal regulation standers. We specifically guarantee you that all recycling material will be recycled AND not dumped on any landfill in underdeveloped nations.

• Free pick up to reduce your disposal cost
• Value Recovery may provide cash back for your computer equipment
• Remove tags and labels from equipment and overwrite hard disks
• Eliminate cost of storing excess, outdated, or used computer equipments
• Proper disposal of old computer equipment in accordance with EPA guidelines
• Provide a single point of contact to provide data security and environmental reports



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