Tech Mart, Inc is a Technology Retirement Management Company. We make it our business to mange your retired computers, laptops, servers, all computer related items, and all electronics and electronic related items in order to reduce your cost of such by 100%.
We offer complete redeployment solutions, including:
• Audit all the equipment to be redeployed
• Storage of equipment until redeployment
By combining our retirement and remarketing services with redeployment assistance, clients can manage assets, surplus equipment, and reusable electronics in a single step.


"We make it out business to manage your retired computers, laptops, servers and all other computer-related items."


We conduct quarterly feedback discussion rounds. Here we would like to discuss our ongoing cooperation in order to continuously improve our relationship with you. Our goal is to increase both organizations’ profitability.
Our management consulting team will ensure the best business practices possible and if you like, suggest ideas and concepts to increase overall business profitability using our services in the long term.


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